iCT Motor

Cordless? by Dentium Thailand
Convenience you’ve never Experienced Before 
Cordless Main Unit System and Foot Switch Controller System

Main Unit System

      - The world’s First and most Convenient Cordless Main Unit System
.     - Easily Operated with Three Pedal Switches and has an Intuitive User Interface
      - Easy mobility and Installation since It’s Cord-Free

 Cordless Foot Switch System
       - It’s easy to use without a mess of Cables
       - The Safety double-push Pedal helps to Improve Reliability and Stability
       - Intuitive Operation Switch has enhanced Ease of Use
         (i.e. Intuitive Operability, Step Change, Reverse Rotation)

 Optic Micro-Motor
      - We assure Ergonomic comfort, High Durability and High Level of Precision
      - Optic Micro-motor to help simplify Procedures

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